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CVWW 2013 will take place in the scenic city of Hernstein, in Lower Austria. The Schloss Hernstein is situated at the fringe of the Viennese Basin, in the stepped footlands of the Styrian and Lower Austrian limestone alps. The castle once served to safeguard the village of Berndorf and the areas surrounding it. More details on the venue can be found at

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The details for arriving at the workshop venue by train are described below. The train schedules are listed from the Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien) and from the main train station Suedbahnhof in Vienna (Wien Suedbahnhof) to Leobersdorf. The closest train station to the hotel is Leobersdorf. A taxi from Leobersdorf to the hotel should cost between € 25-30,. Here "Abfahrt" refers to the departure time and "Ankunft" refers to the arrival time.

To book tickets and to confirm train timings, please refer to the website

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