OCG Best Student Paper Awards


The OCG Best Student Paper awards were given to two of the most outstanding papers presented at the Computer Vision Winter Workshop 2013 based on the excellence of the scientific research as well as the presentation of the results at the workshop. A candidate was chosen from the Masters level of studies and one from the PhD level of studies. The awards were granted to the following papers:

  • Multi-Camera Multi-Object Tracking from Visual Hulls
    Horst Possegger, Sabine Sternig, Thomas Mauthner, Peter Roth and Horst Bischof
    TU Graz
  • Award2
  • Line-based 3D Reconstruction of Wiry Objects
    Manuel Hofer, Andreas Wendel and Horst Bischof
    TU Graz
  • Award1
The awards can be viewed here.

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